Do you want to know more about the development of our company? You can find important milestones in our history here.

The Team of Q-Tech Roding

2020 - Investment in a new machine

Right on time for the start of the new year, we invested in a new machine: After 11 years, the new ZEISS METROTOM 1500 has now replaced our first computed tomography (CT) machine.  We now have state-of-the-art technology here for you again with the third generation of this CT machine.

Thanks to the innovative 3k detector, we can achieve triple resolution X-rays (3072 x 3072 pixel) and significantly higher precision at the same time, and therefore offer you an even more detailed analysis.

2019 - View to the second generation

With Fabian Kerscher, the second generation has now been helping to shape the future of Q-Tech in Roding since October 2019. 

He completed his training as a mechatronics technician at Technical Plastic Systems GmbH in Wackersdorf as the best German trainee. During his studies in mechatronics at the “Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule” in Regensburg, Fabian Kerscher qualified twice for a scholarship on the scholarship programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which supports talented and high-performance students. During his practical semester, he gained experience in the field of lighting engineering and construction at DELVIS GmbH, a system supplier of lighting technology products, and subsequently wrote his Bachelor’s thesis in cooperation with the company. After obtaining his degree, Fabian Kerscher expanded his knowledge with a focus on measuring and inspection technology as a development engineer at HEITEC AG.

In October 2019, he then started at his father’s company as the person responsible for the future-orientated topic of IT & Automation. In the context of digital change to Industry 4.0, his main tasks particularly lie in optimising processes concerning measurement technology and the further development of the existing IT infrastructure.

Group picture of the team

2016 - Looking back on 10 years of Q-Tech-Roding

We look back on ten years of precision: Constant company growth, a team with outstanding training, and a modern machine park. The best prerequisites for the coming years and future projects with our customers. As thanks for their tireless dedication, we celebrated this anniversary with our staff. District Administrator Franz Löffler, mayor Franz Reichold and the Managing Director of the Cham Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), Richard Brunner, honoured us too, and awarded us the IHK certificate to mark our tenth anniversary.

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2014 - Expansion of the measuring equipment

We added to our 3D coordinate measuring equipment with a high precision PRISMO ultra with a rotary table for measuring rotationally symmetrical components.  In combination with the micro-inspection room that we built as well, we can now deliver even more precise results to our customers and also carry out toothing measurements.

2012 - Company building in Roding Altenkreith industrial estate

Due to the excellent development of Q-Tech Roding e.K. since it was founded in 2006, in 2012, the company dared to take a big step into a new chapter in its history.  After enjoying ideal conditions for launching the company in the first few years at the “Innovations- und Gründerzentrums Roding”, which is operated by the district of Cham, Q-Tech Roding e.K. began construction of its own company building in Roding Altenkreith industrial estate in March 2012, and moved in August.

This new centre of technology, with its measuring laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and another new addition to our innovative and dynamic team offer prime conditions for Q-Tech Roding e.K. to be able to fully meet the high requirements of customers from the field of industrial measuring technology in future as well.

New company building of Q-Tech Roding

2011 - Certification shows compliance with the highest quality standards

After already being joined by a further employee in 2010, the team at Q-Tech Roding e.K. received significant reinforcements in both staff and machines in 2011 as well, with the newly acquired ZEISS CONTURA. That compliance with the highest quality standards is valued when the range of services and machines is constantly growing is shown by the successful achievement of certification according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO-9001:2008 in July 2011.

Bilderrahmen mit Zertifizierungen


In 2010, Q-Tech Roding e.K. once again used MedTec as an important platform to present itself and the services it offers, to provide information for those interested and to make contacts.

Furthermore, in January 2010, the company offered both its own staff and members of other firms the opportunity to receiving advanced training in the context of an AUKOM course, which was held on the premises of Q-Tech Roding e.K. The aim of this training course was to teach participants sound knowledge in the area of coordinate measuring technology covering all manufacturers.

2009 - First appearance at a trade fair at MEDTEC

Q-Tech Roding e.K. used the business year of 2009 to consolidate its successes so far, press ahead with its dynamic development and firmly establish its position as a high-performance partner in the industry. So at MedTec 2009, Q-Tech Roding appeared at its first trade fair and presented itself to trade professionals from the field of medical technology, offering innovative, customised solutions for their needs.

2008 - New staff, new CT machine and lots of visitors to the firm

Q-Tech Roding began what was to be an eventful year for the firm with another new employee in 2008. The most significant innovation was starting operations with the ZEISS METROTOM 1500. With this computed tomography machine, the company was able to expand its service offering considerably. This is because CT provides users with various possibilities for application. Using X-ray, you can also see inside components made of material like plastic, composite and steel in a non-destructive way.  That means that dimensions of the parts can be measured and the corresponding results can be analysed efficiently.

In June 2008, Q-Tech Roding e.K. successfully completed the certification process according to DIN EN ISO-9001:2000, which proved that the company properly complies with the quality management principles required. One of these principles requires “continuous improvement”. That Q-Tech Roding e.K. sets particular store by this aspect and actually puts it into action as well is shown by the example of the workshop held in cooperation with the Zeiss company on the IGZ premises in July 2008. During this event, Zeiss presented the METROTOM 1500 CT machine and computed tomography in general to an interested audience of employees, business partners and customers of Q-Tech Roding e.K.

A further highlight of that year was when Secretary of State Markus Sackmann visited the firm in September. Markus Sackmann comes from Roding himself, and, in his function as Secretary of State at the Bavarian State Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Technology at the time, he was a particularly important political contact for companies in the region.

2007 - Company expansion

In the first business year, the order situation and good customer response already meant that the company needed to expand. To this end, the range of measuring services was extended by purchasing new equipment: an OGP optical video measuring machine and a Hommel-Etamic contour measuring machine; and the Q-Tech Roding team added more staff as well.

2006 Q-Tech Roding founded by Ludwig Kerscher

The company Q-Tech Roding e.K. was founded by Ludwig Kerscher in 2006.  After it was recorded in the commercial register and the first measuring machines were delivered, such as the coordinate measuring machine ACCURA by ZEISS manufacturer’s, the company officially started business on the premises of the “Innovations- und Gründerzentrums Roding” (Roding centre of innovation and founders) on 1 September.

On 9 November 2006, the company presented itself to the general public. Owner Ludwig Kerscher presented his business model to representatives from the region, the city and the economy, as well as business partners and the press, and provided them with information about the services and strategies of the new service enterprise.