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Our most important measurement services at a glance - Part 1

The most important measurement services at a glance

At Q-Tech Roding, we have made it our vision to be indispensable for the products of the future, and we are fully committed to this vision. With highly qualified staff, the latest instruments, the most modern software and constant investments in our team and our technology, we are working every day to make this vision a reality.

In this article we would like to give you a brief overview of our most important measurement techniques, which our measurement experts carry out for you.

Computed tomography

CT measurement has always been a very important part of our portfolio. At that time, our managing director, Ludwig Kerscher, founded the company Q-Tech Roding with this then revolutionary measurement technology. What is special about this measurement technique is the non-destructive analysis of an entire component.

Even a look inside the component is possible with our CT technology. We work exclusively with computer tomography at the highest level from leading manufacturers.

No clamping or probing forces act on the components that could falsify a measurement result. After the scan, you receive the data either as volume data, e.g. in RAW format, or triangulated surface files, e.g. as STL files. However, our measurement experts will not leave you alone with this data. Together we evaluate them and thus ensure that your prototype is ready for series production much more quickly thanks to the most precise measurement technology. 

In addition to the classic measurement of the workpiece, this measurement technology can also be used to identify cracks and cavities that cannot be found with other methods. This method is also possible for the smallest components. 

Our measurement experts will help you to get a prototype ready for series production much faster using computer tomography.


At Q-Tech Roding, we use optical 3D digitization or the 3D scan, as it is also often referred to, to measure the three-dimensional geometries of components and thereby digitize them. There are almost no limits to the component size. Both very large and very small components can be measured using optical 3D digitization.

The optical 3D measurement also makes it possible to measure directly on site. Our measurement experts come directly to you and help you to digitize your product and thus bring prototypes to series maturity more quickly or further optimize series components.

The optical 3D measurement is flexible and variable. No probing forces act on the component, which enables more precise measurement. Our state-of-the-art measuring equipment consists of a 3D strip light scanner that captures high-resolution images and thus precisely depicts even the finest structures and edges.

A false color comparison can be used to determine very quickly, for example, whether the component to be measured corresponds to the specifications or deviates from them. The optical 3D measurement is used in the construction of prototypes, in quality assurance, but also in product development and production, and above all supplements the tactile measurements.

With the help of optical 3D measurement using a high-resolution stereo camera system, components of almost any size can be digitized in a time-saving manner

Reverse Engineering

Strictly speaking, reverse engineering is not a measurement service, but a combination of different measurement techniques, intelligent software and many years of experience. With reverse engineering, we can create precise CAD data for finished components. We use both computer tomography and optical 3D measurement technology.

In this case, the digitized component does not have to be destroyed. We can supply real data of the component, but also supply idealized data. We can supply real data of the component, but also supply idealized data.

With the help of the ZEISS reverse engineering software, data for your tool correction can be determined immediately. This saves a large number of correction loops and brings your product to series production much faster and more efficiently.

We combine the latest CT technology with optical 3D scanning for a perfect data image of the real product

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