Accreditation CMM
Accreditation CT


As one of the few measurement and testing laboratories in Germany, Q-Tech-Roding is accredited by the German accreditation body, DAkkS, in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. With this conformity assessment, we can prove that everything we do is done with expertise, meeting both statutory and normative requirements. 

We perform our services at a level that stands up to international comparison, and prove this regularly. You can see our DAkkS certificate here and let our services convince you.

Proof of our competence

The accreditation certificate confirms the following competencies at our testing laboratory:

  • Measuring prismatic workpieces with 3D coordinate measuring systems (CMSs) with rotary tables and tactile sensors
  • Identifying measurement and form deviations from industrially manufactured products with the help of computed tomography (CT)
  • Identifying 3D nominal-actual deviations in industrially manufactured products based on CAD data or reference data with the help of CT and corresponding evaluation software
  • Carrying out analyses regarding blowhole inspections on workpieces using CT

The DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 is the highest laboratory certification. As a measurement and testing laboratory, we value this certificate very highly, because it means that we can give you unbiased confirmation of the outstanding quality of our testing procedures and environment.